Wednesday, 21 May 2014

I am still around

Hi All
I thought I had better make a comment, as it has been ages since I was here, real life has got in the way,

My condition has had a flare up, I am sure it does this on purpose to let e know who is boss, so my medication has been changed and this in turn made me more drowsy, I am on the way to getting better.

I am in a sewing mood so the last few days I have been making cushion covers, and items for y soon to be here grandson. I wanted to make a changing bag, could not find what I liked so designed my own, I will be putting on photos for you to see.

I have been keeping up with all your blogs and remain impressed with the work I see, 

Anyway I will be back soon, till then take care xx


Steinworks said...

see you soon :)

The grandmommy said...

Hello, I really like the picture in the heading. The fabric on the sofa is very pretty. I look forward to your return. As for who is the boss...tell that condition that YOU are the boss and to get away from you! :-)

PILAR6373 said...

Lo principal es que la nueva medicación haga que tu salud mejore!!!!!
Ya nos enseñarás lo que has estado haciendo!!!!