Thursday, 24 April 2014

work finished and a little tutorial

Hi All

Yes I have some work finished, while I was waiting for paint to dry I decided to see what I could make with some coloured lolly sticks, as I had been making some kiddies furniture I thought I would make a shelving unit. This time I remembered to take photos. this is so easy to do

Here goes

my supplies

I cut the ends of 2 of the lolly sticks

glued on some animal buttons to both sides

measured and cut small bits of wood for supports for the shelves

cut more of the lolly sticks to make the shelves
side view

added a back and painted the shelf supports

how easy was this

by the time I had finished this, my other projects were dry, so have a look at what I have done, this is some more of my shabby chic work.
little box

I still need to put the handles on this

small box for the bathroom

Well that's all for now,  more to do tomorrow


Susanna Zanchi said...

Beautiful work!!! Kiss

PILAR6373 said...

Es una estanterĂ­a preciosa!!! Gracias por el tutorial.
Tus proyectos shabby son geniales!!!!

Maria Ireland said...

Your shelves are beautiful thank you for the wonderful tutorial. Your furniture is gorgeous.
Hugs Maria

Fabiola said...

Beautiful tutorial.
Great work!

Antravés said...

Thank you for the tutorial!


The grandmommy said...

I love your work. That is such a cute little shelf and looks so easy to do!