Thursday, 27 March 2014

I have news

Hi all

I just had to share my news with you, I told you I am going to be a nanny in September, well I can now reveal its going to be a BOY!! so pleased and I now know what I can knit.

I finally sold my 2 dolls house and soon I hope to start on my new one. It is to big for me to have in my work room, so I am going to put it in my lounge, this means a bit of reorganising to fit it in, I also need to find a small cabinet to put it on.

This will be a keep me and I will not rush it, I have so many ideas in my head, but still going to make into shops, while I was clearing out my work room I came across a conservatory that I purchased a long time ago, I know how could I not seen it, but if you could see my work room and the amount of stuff I have in it, you would know how I missed it, finding that gave me another idea, I could make it into a tea room beside the shops, so I am measuring the space again to see if it will fit in.
I will also be keeping a inventory for everything I spend on this project.

anyway for those who have not see mine new dolls house hares a photo

the Lyddington


Steinworks said...

oh it's so big..and congrats on the Boy they're lots of fun.


Fabiola said...

Your new dollhouse is wonderful.

dallydominis said...

Congratulations :)