Sunday, 23 March 2014


Hi All
Yes I have finished, the last lot of my mums bits has now finished, now we have to sort every thing out and do the garage sale, we are going to wait a while for the weather to get better.
So now I can get on with stuff I want to do.

I did get into my work room this weekend and managed to finish off a couple of little projects.
I painted another chair, this is getting addictive, but I really enjoy painting the furniture,
I also made a cupboard for a nursery.

Tomorrow I want to get on with my beach shop, we will see, anyway here is what I have been up to

forgot to say I made this as well


PILAR6373 said...

Cuanto has trabajado!!!! Mucho y bien,el armario con los juguetes es precioso,lleno de color,la caseta del perro muy confortable y la silla pintada es muy bonita,realmente adictivo lo de pintar muebles y a ti te queda genial!!!!

Steinworks said...

oh what a cute little dog house! I think that's my favorite :)


Maria Ireland said...

Your child's cupboard is fantastic so cute just perfect for a nursery. I love your painted chairs. Fantastic work.
Hugs Maria