Friday, 21 February 2014

My secret revealed

Hi All

Yes I have a big secret, have kept it to myself since New Years Day, and last night I had a call and was told I could now tell it, the only thing I ask, those that are on my face book page do not say anything about it on there please, my son wants to let the family know before it goes public, guessed yet? drum roll,  I AM GOING TO BE A NANNIE , yes my first grandchild, due 2nd September, so much looking forward to this, been told they do not want it spoilt, sod off its my roll as a Nannie to spoil , I have already got it something, a little bunny rabbit with a book for bedtime stories. Time to get the needles out and start knitting for the baby.

Filling the shop, I decided that I have a lot of minis to go in  my shop and I had better start to make shelving units to put them on.

I wanted to have on wall just shelving, so I measured the width and height, and using the old faithful, balsa wood, I have got the back, sides and shelves made, they have been painted, today I hope to finish them. forgot to take photo of it, will do so today so you can see what I( am talking about.

I painted a wire shelving unit and completed some of the other mini items, 

have a look

surf boards, wall plagues, mirrors signs, pictures and blind

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