Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Getting back to normal

Hi All

Thank you all for your kind words while I have been under the weather.

Yes I am beginning to get back to normal, whatever normal is. My legs still have a lot of fluid but they are better than they were and I have managed to get my pain back under control. I have pain syndrome, got this following me falling out of the loft and damaged my leg and spine, basically what it means, is my body is constantly  in pain, as my brain no longer knows how to switch it off, I have to take  cocktail of drugs to enable me to function. Sometimes it can take over my life and I have to give in to my body and allow it to rest and recuperate, this down, so now I hope to get back to my minis. I have been doing a little when I can and I finally have something to show you.

While I was resting, I decided to have  go at miniature knitting, I had only knitted blankets before, I can do big knitting so I thought I could do mini. I was very pleased with my first attempts.

I continued to work on my beach shop and have completed a lot of the little minis that I want to put in it, I also papered and painted the inside of the shop.

Anyway enough of the natter see for yourself what I have  been up to. 

need to add little buttons and ribbon to the hat

bags and cushions for the shop

the little minis are charms that I painted

little sandals painted

some of the furniture, can you see the waste basket, this was a lid, which I painted and then stuck shells to it

I made the little postcards that are dotted around the walls 

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Elizabeth S said...

Hi Debbie! I think that your new venture into miniature knitting is a resounding Success! The clothing items are really lovely and as for the tiny things for your beach shop, they too are super cute!
I hope that your health will continue to improve and that you will have longer stretches of time where your body is not in so much agony. I can only imagine the pain you must regularly experience. Please take good care of yourself Debbie, and when you can, make more knitted minis! :))