Friday, 6 September 2013


Hi All
Thank you all for your lovely messages.

I have recovered from the wedding, Tom and Amy came round on Monday, they brought me a lovely display of flowers and are going to Tanzania for 10 days, flying out Tuesday, I told my son " that's it now you are married its socks and aftershave for Xmas, as I am saving for the grandchildren I am sure they are going to give me" got a strange funny look, never mind waited this long an wait a bit more longer.

I have nit had time this week to make any minis, I have been getting ready for my op on Monday, I have filled the freezer and even cooked some meals, so they just have to be defrosted and my son an cook them, got loads of books, cleaned the house, sorted out nice night clothes, my rt arm will be out of use for 3 weeks and then it will be lots of physio to get it working again, not sure what I am going to be like not be able to do anything for a while, I am not the best person to sit and do nothing, I get bored easily, still it will be nice for a while to be waited on,

I have started my injections and already have the bruising to prove it. Today I am going into my work room to do something, not sure yet what I will be doing but hope to have something to show you tomorrow 


anna said...

all the best to you, and a speedy recovery! :)

Norma said...

Best of luck on Monday, and try to take it easy afterwards. At least you are well prepared.