Thursday, 14 February 2013

I have been busy

Hi All

Yes I have been busy, got my piano and harp finished, well I thought the piano was finished then I realised I had forgot to put the foot pedals on, will do that today,
I seem to be obsessed with piano's, I brought 2 upright piano's from ebay for next to nothing, so I have taken one to bits and started to paint it.
What is it with me, I always have to change things, anyone else have this problem?

I finally got to my jumk shops, not a lot of bargains to be found, but I did find 2 adorable birds, paid 50 pence each for them, and I got a wooden thimble cabinet for 1.00, I have already started to paint it, see changing things again, I have wanted one of these for ages, I collect unusal miniatures and Reuter minis, some of them will fit in here, must show you my collection one day,

We seem to have finally finished with the cold weather, but it is raining today, my doggies woke me at 6am to go out, they took one look at the rain and went back to bed!! now I am awake. I did make myself a cup of coffee and went back to bed myself, just getting back to sleep and the postman knocked, gave up in the end and stayed up.

Here are the photo's

the thimble shelves, painted it a light blue

Do you like my birds?

I love how this came out

this is now in bits and being painted, will show you when its finished
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