Friday, 1 June 2012

just saying hello

Hi All
just to let you know I am still around, I have not had anytime to do any minis this week, real life has taken over, next week I have got a 2 ton of stones being laid, so my son and I are getting the area ready, pulling weeds, moving statures, that sort of thing, so that it as all ready for my cousins husband, he is doing the work, on top of that I decided that I would like my bedroom wall repapered, so we have that to do has well.

I must admit I have over done it a bit and paid for it, I had to have a couple of days in bed, its amazing how much you can supervise from your bed.

anyway hopefully next week I will have a nice sitting area under my pagoda, which is covered with 2 colours of Wisteria, when it is all done will show you some pictures
 have fun
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