Tuesday, 20 September 2011

making progress

Awake early today, well if I am honest did not have a lot of sleep, why does pain wait for you to relax and then jump in and says got ya, so in the end I got up and worked on my project, I find when I am occupied I can sometimes switch off the pain, so armed with the paint brush I carried on painting, I have used gold to highlight the window and door,
for the ceiling I used a design that I had in my stash and painted it, when it was dry I cut out the bits I wanted and placed it on the ceiling, I think it looks quite effective,
I needed to check I had enough floor tiles, so I drew the shape put and started to place the tiles, and what did I find I do not have enough to cover all the floor, so I messed about and came up with a design that will fit, but that meant I had to come up with something else to cover the floor, after checking my paints I found some black, so I have painted the floor black and hopefully can lay the tiles tomorrow.
The front door was also painted gold and I have added a Egyptian figure to the front. I made a decision to cover the front with a lovely brick paper that I found, I really need to check out my boxes to see what I really have got,
well that how far I have got,
I could not help bragging about my new shelving, have got a picture for you now I have put on my ornaments, I made the love sign, my bronze Indian's I have had for a long time, i really love this. check out the photos.

you can see the black painted floor

the door not yet attached

I used some brown tiles on the window fronts

my new shelving
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