Thursday, 14 April 2011

feeling blue

Morning all
feeling blue, sorry for not writing my blog for a while, but my hands have been letting me down, I have had some numbness to my fingers so I have not been able to work on my miniatures, and for some reason I have got clumsy and falling a lot, much get back to Doctor, feeling better today so hope to get started on clearing out my work room, yes at long last after many problems I now have a date its starts next week, have got to buy another shed, for my miniatures and to act as a store room, I can then put items that bare not used often in there and some of my larger tools, how is it they we end up with so much stuff, but I am reluctant to throw anything away, i always think I may need that one day,
will keep you updated on progress, and I hope by the resting I have been doing my body will start to get better
have a good day
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