Saturday, 5 March 2011

what a week

What a week it has been,
Thank you for my new follower, now have 28, that's great that you think I am worth reading,
Have been busy making my miniatures, they will be going on eBay this Sunday, so far I have made
Have more to do, last week I had my 2 foster dogs turn up, My friend is away for 2 months and I am looking after her dogs, so I now have 3 dogs, easy I thought, they will play together and I will get more time to do my work, how wrong was I, they all get on very well, but they all require walking, this takes at least 10 mins to get them harnessed, before I even get out of the door, then, making sure I have doggy bags, tissues,  of we go, now walking 3 dogs on 3 separate leads is fun, get the picture, I seem to end up doing this funny dance while I try to untangle myself, once I get to the open area I can let 2 of them off the lead, the other one Roger, no way he will run, so of we all go, back home, another 10mins getting their leads of, watering, treats, then they hopefully will have a sleep, who am I trying to kid, my little dog always thinks its fun, emptying my bin in my work room, now don't tell me dogs do not communicate, now all 3 enjoy emptying my bin, playing with the rubbish, anything I put down disappears, finally came up with a solution, when I am in my work room, I have blocked the door way, I can still see them, but the work room and my bin is safe, so i get down to work, after a while I think its quiet, so I go exploring, they had found the local newspaper, see where I am going here, it was all over, they had shredded it, so I now had 3 little dogs looking very innocent, you know it was not me type of look, so cleared that up, back to work room, the next thing was one of them comes in with muddy paws, they had now discovered my flower beds and all my spring bulbs are now lying on my lawn, this is fun!! good job I love animals and they do make me laugh, when I go to bed, at some time during the night I will wake to find 2 dogs with their heads on the pillow, asleep and another one at my feet, have given up trying to get them to sleep in their beds, but I did manage to get some work done, today will be spent taking photos, will also take some of the dogs, and will put these on later.
managed also to get some gardening done this week, how come flowers will not grow during the winter but weeds do, this year I am planning to redo the garden, it is an empty plot with just a lawn with a small flower bed, so a chance to completely redesign, really looking forward to that, my son has part of the garden, he will be growing the vegetables,
well i have chatted on and I better get going so I can do all that I want to do today, as long as the dogs let me,
see you all later
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