Saturday, 5 March 2011

photos as promised

as promised here are the photos,
Ist one is the finished pram, I changed my mind about putting a bag on the handle and instead made a carrier for underneath the pram, this I filled with baby bits

the next is a white wire bed, I hand stitched the covers,

ready for dinner


more bedding

these items are now on ebay for sale

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the above dogs are my new foster boys, let me introduce you,
Alfie is a 4 year old long haired curly daschound,
Roger is a bit of a mix and is an old man of 14
the Yorkie is my Freebie, she is 2 years old and I am sure she is the ring leader,
we have all just come back from a walk, so hopefully now they will have a little sleep and I can get on with some work.
thanks for looking and I hope you enjoy my blog, please feel free to add comments, they are always welcome
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