Tuesday, 1 February 2011

At last I can start

At last I have finished the painting, I did not put on photos for this bit as I thought I was bored watching paint dry so I would not inflict it on you.
anyway where are we up to,
I have done the floors, I used floor boards for the attic and second floor, which I painted brown and then I took a wet wipe and took some of the colour off, these will have rugs over them,
The bottom floor has lino for flooring, this was done by using some flooring i downloaded from the net and then put it through the laminated,
now I have to start putting it together, but first I have got to wall paper the rooms, 
so that's how far I have got, I had hoped that I would of done more, but I have had a bit of a bad week with my pain syndrome, so I have had to sit a lot and not done much, feeling much better today. well enough of that,
once I have got the house back together I will add the photos for your to see
now its back to work
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