Friday, 3 December 2010

up date

what a week, computer went down, I did not know how much I missed it, still it gave me a chance to catch up on some chores, I did get round to finishing off my decorations, and the tree is up all lit up and looking pretty, now I just have to get my son to get the rest of my decs from out of the loft, I have some lovely father christmas figuires that I got in Germany, and I get them out every year, must remember to take some pictures, I have also been making my Christmas cards, buying presents, starting the food shopping, got the family coming christmas day but have managed to get invites out for the rest of the holidays, have not done much on my miniatures, i redressed 3 beds, and dressed a dressing table.

Pictures of what I have been making, these are now for sale in my friends shop.
I have also been putting together some more projects and I hope next week to start putting them on.
how are you all coping with the snow and cold, I am only going out when I really need to, anyway you all take care, keep a look out for the projects
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