Friday, 12 November 2010


As promised some easy tutorials for you to try

Hat Stand,

needed, wooden golf tee, flat button, wooden round bead.

lightly sand the pieces, and paint I used gold but any colour looks good.
when dry attach together, golf tee into wooden button, you may need to make the hole bigger, I used 2 flat wooden buttons, glue bead to top, leave to dry, decorate or leave plain,
cheap and easy hat stand for your hats

Jewellery stand.

the hard part, break or snap the arm of a 1/12th doll, this may hurt but the end result is worth it.
you will also need a dome shaped button for stand.

if need be sand the arm to make it straight easy for gluing, paint the colour of your choice, black or gold looks good, when dry glue arm to button, when dry decorate.

There you have it a nice little jewellery stand for your shop or dressing table.

Cheap and easy picture.
look round second hand shops, car boots for brooches that have nice old looking pictures on them, the one I am showing here had a lovely picture of a girl on a swing and a boy, cost me 50p, it had a wooden surround, I carefully removed the picture and painted the outer rim with gold leaf, put it all back together and there you have it a nice picture for your dolls house.

Some more tips,

these are not all mine but what I have picked up from others on the web,
make soap from your own soap bars, cut a tiny bit off and shape into a oblong to form a mini bar of soap.

flower pots can be made from toothpaste caps,

 buy cheap necklaces, bracelets from second hand shops, car boots, you can get  findings and beads from them at the fraction of the price

also look out for very thin gold and silver chains great for jewellery making for your doll

keep a look out at the Christmas ornaments now on sale a lot of them can be used for your dolls house, try to think outside the box and look at everything with a miniaturists eye, I just brought for a 1.00 a string of beads,

get friendly with your local florist, they always have left over bits of florists wire left over, this can be used for making the stems of your flowers,

give your relatives a small plastic box, ask them to fill it with bits they don't want or would be throwing away and to save them for you, I get many an item that I can make use of by doing this.

look out for old lace and crocheted doilies, these can make bedspreads, table cloths ect.

well that's it for today, I hope you have found this blog entry useful, next week I will be starting on my next project, A Egyptian shop, last year I got a double fronted shop for 10.00 from my local second hand shop and since then I have been collecting artefact's from the Egyptians era and researching all about it, I have a book that I use and I put in it the items I want to make, colours I want in fact everything that I feel will be needed for my project, I even read books, go to the library and in this case visited a museum, this is in the hope I can get it as exact as I can, now I feel ready to start it, I will be putting it on my blog and keeping you all updated as I progress

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