Thursday, 11 November 2010

thank you my new followers

Thank you to my new followers, its quite exciting to open my blog and to find people like what I am doing and want to follow me, as you may of read i lost my dog so for a while I did not feel like writing or doing anything, but life goes on and I cannot stay idle for long, so I have reopened my work shop and today I sat and looked at my last item I was making and I must admit I have lost all my thoughts for it, so it has gone into a box and I will return to it one day, I have another little dog called Freebie, a 18 month old Yorkshire terrier and she keeps me going, she sits with me in my work room watching what I do, but I have to be careful she will sometimes take a liking to something I am making and grab it and run off with it, her favorite seems to be when I am sewing she loves to get hold of the blankets many an item has been lost, see rambling again, told you I did this get off one subject and on to another in a drop of a hat, Freebie is used to me as I sit and chat to her all day, I am sure if anyone came round they would think me mad and have me locked up,
but never mind I am happy and that's what counts.
Back to miniatures,
well thinking of what i could do I decided to do you some little projects,
hat stand
jewellery holder
pictures and frames,
started them today and I am waiting for the paint to dry so I can then get to the next stage, there will be photos and instructions, these are so easy and cheap to do although the jewellery holder requires nerves of steel when you have to dismantle your dolls arm, suggest you give her a good drink first,
switching off now son will be home from work soon and he will want his tea, sausage mash and onion gravy tonite I think
will be back tomorrow with the projects bye for now
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