Sunday, 24 April 2016

Its been a difficult time

HI All

what a couple of weeks, I said before about my little Freebie having her op, well she went in Tuesday, I got a call from the vets  they did routine bloods and found she had Pancreatis   this meant she had to stay in, she was put on a drip and given high doses of antibiotics, she finally came home Saturday, she looked really sorry for herself, she was on  strong painkillers and antibiotics and she is to have a low fat diet, she also had to wear a collar to stop her chewing her stitches.

I made her a space for a bed in the corner of the room thinking she would want to be quiet and left alone, how wrong was I. She was so excited to be home, jumping around, lying on her back wanting a belly rub and then in my arms, Freebie loves to be held like a baby and stroked, she was in my arms till bed time. I gave her the medication settled her on the bed beside my bed, said goodnight. The minute I turned off the light she was on the bed trying to bury herself under the blanket, what could I do so I left her there, she has been recovering ever since, her stitches come out this Wednesday. I am so glad I have insurance for all my doggies, her trip to the vets cost £3256.00, I had to pay £80.00, if I did not have insurance I dread to think what would of happened.

Now me, my legs have always had a bit of fluid on my legs, the last couple of weeks they have been really bad, they were so painful I could not bear to stand on them. eventually I managed to get an appointment with my GP, he put me on high doses of diuretics and took loads of bloods for tests, my blood tests come back ok so now, I am waiting for a echo, which is a scan on my heart and I have been told to sit with my legs up, I have got so bored and unlike me a bit down, but I did manage to get into my work room and finish my hairdressing salon, all that if left is to attach the front,

I am very pleased with this room box, I am going to write about how I made it and what I did including pictures and it is going to be in the Dolls House World magazine, then I am going to sell it, I have no room and to be honest once I have made something I am eager to get on with the next one and the one I have just made no longer interests me. I think its because I love the challenge of creating something from nothing. Anyone else like this?

well I have bored you enough with my nattering on, here are photos for you.

Freebie and her collar. post op

I had to make a false roof and a box to hide the wires

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