Saturday, 5 March 2016

Its crazy here

Hi all

Yes it has gone crazy here, I have been busy with orders, the little cushions seem to be going well.

Not getting much traffic in my Esty shop, going to do some research today  about marketing and other things.

My sewing machine has been put away, so next week I am back to doing minis.

I am very lucky, I am having 2 Mother days, this week my youngest son, Liam is taking me to an Italian restaurant for a meal, and next week my eldest son Thomas, is taking me to his house ( he now lives in Cambridge, left Edinburgh last year)  and his cooking me a dinner, so lucky me.
hope you all have a happy mothers day.

here are some photo's of my craft work

this one is a bag for when you walk your dogs,

kiddies bag

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