Thursday, 5 February 2015


Hi All

Thank you for your kind words of support, its lovely to know you care.

Yesterday I had  a ECG and my bloods done,  later that day I had a call from the Doctors, The doctor had looked at my ECG and asked me to come in to see him of Friday, bit concerned as I had been told to come in next week, but at least I will find out what is going on. Trying to stay positive.

I worked on my handbags, for now I think I have made enough,I really need to get the shop built,as I need to work out how much space I will have on the ground floor, and where things will go.

Hopefully will be starting to paint soon.

photo's of my finished handbags, some I have shown before.


Fabiola said...

I like your beautiful handbags.

Lili56 said...

Très jolis sacs, j'aime beaucoup ces miniatures