Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Hi All

gosh its so hot, my legs are swollen, cannot get my shoes on, and I was 58 today,  its getting closer to my bus pass, tried running the other way but birthdays don't go away, never mind, what's age, its just a number!! well thats off  my chest, now on to more important things

my mini project,  it has took me all day to make one thing, according to my son its the gases for welding, I used my junk and just kept putting bits on it, if you  had seen it before I painted it you would of thought it was a pile of rubbish,and you are right in a way it is, but painted it becomes a welding set.

Hopefully tomorrow I will get a bit more done tomorrow.

have a look, what do you think?


Elizabeth S said...

Hi Debbie! At 58 you are still a spring chicken! Think happy thoughts! It is hot again over here too but there is a cooling breeze that takes some of the edge off.
Your gas tanks are a GAS! They look absolutely Spot On! The gages are a tiny wonder and the entire assembly was worth the effort because it looks expensive and who would ever guess its humble beginnings. I'm Impressed... Very Impressed! :D


Pepper Mitcheson said...

I think you did a great job with your gas bottles and trolley. Belated Happy Birthday! Hope you had a lovely day =0)

Drora's minimundo said...

Hello Debbie, Happy Birthday!
Incredible gas tanks! Great work!
Hugs, Drora

Steinworks said...

Debbie Im right behind you at 57 when 58 hits I'll try to run the other way too :) I love your tanks I think they're pretty awesome you should make a garage scene with them and use an old car


Maria Ireland said...

Your gas tanks are fantastic. Happy Birthday I have just found out that we are the very same age though I am older by a few days lol.
Hugs Maria

Tatiana said...

Поздравляю с Днем Рождения!
Вы сделали гениальную работу! Смотрится очень реально!!!