Monday, 1 September 2014


Hi all

Yes it is happening today, my grandson will be born, so excited, I booked my train ticket last night, going end of September, looking forward to holding my grandson, oh I so much love saying that, will have to say it again, my grandson.

In my miniature world, I am going to start my big shop, my son and I put it together, just so I could get measurements and see how it looks, I want to change the ground floor, I want to make the arch much bigger and put in some fancy stairs.

Not made stairs before so that should be fun, I also want to make the ground floor look like marble flooring, my friend Sue taught me how to marble and have not had a chance to try it yet, I decided that the staircase would be marble as well. This will be a very upmarket modern shop.

ground floor:
 ladies accessories, perfumes, make up, jewellery, shoes, handbags, gloves, umbrellas.scarves 
mens accessories, after shave, jewellery, gloves, hats, scarves,
and maybe a small area for gifts like silver, glass ect, will see how much I can fit in

2nd floor.
mens clothing
ladies clothing

3rd floor.
childrens and baby clothing
ladies and gents hairdresser's

it has a flat roof, so I intend to have a cafe there with an outside sitting area.

this is going to be a long project and I will put it all on here, the good and the bad, 

I also want to look at the ground floor windows, I want to have fancy window displays,

I managed to find a place in my living room where it can sit, as it is so big I will have to build it where it will stay.

I am hoping to put little recesses in the wall for displaying some items,
I will paint the wall but have fancy pillars, ceiling ect.
the lights I want to use battery lights, I do not like wires all over the place.

my kids have said for my birthday and Christmas they will buy me special minis for my shop.
I already have a long list of minis I want.

So that's the plan, phew!! reading it through, I have a lot of work to do.

here is a picture of the dolls house put together (held in place with tape) 
wish me luck.

the ground floor that I want to alter,

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Simon said...

Good luck with the planning, it's so exciting. And congratulations on the birth of your Grandson.