Saturday, 23 August 2014

I have lights

Hi All

Yes its official, I have lights!!  I could not get the lights i had put into work,and then I was told there was not a electrical supply for me to use. i used led lights ( the sort you get at Xmas ) and they worked by battery, but how was I to get them into the helmet, this gave me a big headache, I made a long box and fitted the lights in, this worked, but then I had the problem of attaching them to the roof of the helmet, which being round was another problem, after a lot of swearing I ended up using really strong glue and left it over night.

Checked it out this morning and the lights had stuck, switched them on and Hey Presto I have lights, but I am now not sure I like them, so I will live with it for a while, what do you all think, I would value your input. 

I also dressed my mechanic, just made a simple shirt and overalls,and then made him dirty.

Just need to put everything back in place now, took them off while I did the lights, attach the helmet to the base wall and make the sign and its finished. 

what do you think of the lights?

the mechanic

I have decided that now is the time to start my new project, my big shop. my dad brought me this for Christmas and it has sat in its box since, so my son and I got it out and put it together, we have only held it in place with tape, I wanted to see what size it was and the size of the rooms.

My idea for this is to have a large department store, it will be set in modern day, the ground floor will be accessories, to include, handbags, jewellery, hats, perfumes, for both men and women.

2nd floor, ladies and mens clothing,with changing rooms.

3rd floor, babies and childrens and a hairdressing salon for men and women.

Now it is up and I see it has a flat room, I may include a roof top cafe and garden, not sure will see how it goes.

The  ground floor, I want to put in fancy stairs so I will need to change the dividing wall, 
this one will take me a while, but will be fun, it will incorporate stuff I know I can do and others to challenge me, I will be putting my progress on here, the good as well as the bad.

anyway enough chatting, check out my photos

the shop

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The grandmommy said...

The helmet is so cool! I wish the little man looked tougher like a biker. LOL
Cant wait to see your mall. I need to get back to mine!