Monday, 7 April 2014

Hi All

Looking in my shed, I came across some stuff I had brought with the plan of making them shabby chic, yes I know another project to do, I picked the one that appealed to me the most, that was a tatty key box, I sanded it down and then painted it, decoupaged it, made it shabby, varnished it and it was done, why is it not that easy with miniatures. I did go back to mini making later, but it was nice to do something different.
I repainted a little dolls house for the dolls house

I had my bloods done on Friday and I am so pleased, I have stayed within the range, so I am now on 4 weekly visits, hope this continues.

More minis today after I have posted some parcels, I sold some of my mini creations on ebay and I am always surprised that they sell and where they go, this time its New Zealand.

anyway have a look at my shabby chic key box

before I got my hands on this it was very grubby and paint was missing


Liduina said...

Hey Debbie, your key box is real shabby chic indeed, very well done!
I am happy to hear you health is improving and how lovely your mini-work sells well at Ebay:D
Keep up the good work!

Steinworks said...

oh it's going to turn out wonderful once you get through with it :)

Elizabeth S said...

Hi Debbie! I think that your "Home Sweet Home" key box is lovely! You have chosen such a pretty color for it. I think that you can only do so much minis before you need a break to re-charge and only so much real life stuff so that you need to re-charge with minis! Your little doll's house is very pretty and I am curious as to your future plans for it.