Saturday, 15 March 2014

Ebay buyers gone crazy

Hi All

Yes I now believe ebay buyers have gone crazy, as you know I am sorting stuff out for my dad, its all coming from my mums vast collection of stuff. I thought I knew a bit about what sells but I am so amazed at what is selling and the prices they are achieving,
I sold a Kevin talking doll form the Home Alone film for 65.00!! and some board games from the 70's went for crazy prizes, this week I have Disney dolls form the films and they are flying and the Spice girls are reaching high prices, I have the last lot to do this weekend, plates and I mean lots of plates, there is the full collection of fairy plates and more of the same, about 30 all together, so this weekend its taking photos and then putting them out on ebay. sometimes I think I should just find stuff to sell on ebay and forget my minis.

And talking of minis, I have managed to finish the wardrobe and I am really pleased how it came out, I also manged to get some more done to the beach shop, I have started filling up the large shelf I have made, this will contain the soft furnishing and home decor items, maybe next week I can get back to doing my minis, hope so I do not like this popping in and out to do a bit, I like to get lost in my minis and sit in my own crazy world.

here are the photos

the finished wardrobe

the shelving unit, oops it looks a bit bent in places


Steinworks said...

me too I like getting lost in my own little mini world..take care

Marisa :)

Minis-B-Happenin' said...

I especially love this little wardrobe! I love the color combination and I love the old style wardrobe with the modern bigger-than-life artwork! So so CUTE!