Monday, 6 January 2014

Its a new year and a new start

Hi All

Yes 2013 is over, what a year I had, there was happiness, my son getting married and sadness, my mum now at peace.

It got me thinking, Life throws at you many things and we never know what awaits us around the corner. it is up to us how we cope with the events that happen, me, well I tend to bury things and not talk about them, I am not sure if this is a good thing or not? my family and friends say I am strong and able to cope with things better than them. I think I just get on with life, so on that note I am getting on with life.

I do have a secret, not allowed to tell anyone yet, but just to say I was very happy with some news I heard on New Years Day, will let you know when I am allowed to say, its driving me mad as I want to shout from the roof tops but will remain gagged till I am told I can tell every one.

What I have planned for this year.

I am going to look at having my own web page, I sell well on Ebay, but the fees are getting more expensive and with the cost of postage it is not always the best way to sell, so I am looking around for a free web site.

I am selling my shabby chic shop and the dolls house shop I got last year, I need to make room for my new dolls house that I got for Christmas from my dad.

my new dolls house

I am going to sort out all the miniatures I have got and will not be buying anymore till I have used what I already have.

I want to paint my workroom, well I say I, I mean my son, he does not know yet.

My big project of the year is to sort out my garden, my dad has given me his big shed, my son has brought himself a motor cycle that needs doing up and he has no where to put it, so hence the new shed, he also wants to learn about repairing motor cycles so he can work on others, this way he will have some where to work.

This week I am having a new boiler fitted, this should make my heating bills cheaper.

I am also going to my dads to start to sort out the house, my mum collected  everything and anything, my dad is not into ornaments, but then what man is, so there is a lot to sort through.

I am sure that my list of things I want to do will get bigger, but for now that is my plans for the new year, 

What have you got planned?

Happy New Year to you all 

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