Thursday, 13 June 2013

got something done and a strange old lady

Hi All

busy day yesterday, I finished a shadow box for my friend, she did not want a room box but wanted something in mini for the birth of a baby boy, so came up with this

What do you think?

I also found this little old lady in my work room, I have been told by my face book friends she is getting about, all I know she has a big smile on her face in the mornings.

Back to the caravan, finally paint is dry so today will start decorating the outside, I changed my mind about the colour, I was going to have a baby blue, but when I thought about it I changed it to bright red, as it is going to be a gypsy fortune telling wagon, I thought it would be bright to attract customers, I do have another caravan and that I will do in shabby chic.

I have the lady coming from London today to collect the music shop, I do hope she likes it, she seems very excited by her emails.
we are having warmer weather and this is helping me with my condition, I am having some very good days I hope this continues I go to Edinburgh on the 30th June for my son's graduation on the 1st July and I am staying up there for 5 days, so much looking forward to it and then it will soon be the wedding.

well of to my work room while my body is still letting me do things   

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