Monday, 13 May 2013

Its all a mess

Hi All

Yes its all a mess, what am I talking about? my kitchen. we are into day 3 and I do not have a sink, every where is a mess, dust and sawdust every where, my friend who is doing my new kitchen, is a perfectionist, this means it involves a lot of standing around and thinking helped with numerous cups of tea, he has another job this morning then he is back here.

I know I am moaning, but the end result will be beautiful, I just get very fidgety when my house is in chaos, the only room that is not cluttered is my work room, so me and my doggies are camped out  there, still it does mean I have been doing my minis so not all bad.

I have been working on a little chaise that I had in my stash, I am gradually getting trough all my stash, I am working on a kitchen sink and dresser, wonder why I have kitchens on my mind.

have a look at my chaise,

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