Friday, 29 March 2013

Do you know how far a jar of coffee will spread?

Hi All

No it is not a quiz, yesterday, I was full of good intentions, the bits I had painted were dry and were calling me to finish them, I quickly tidied round, put the kettle on to make my coffee, then it happened, the coffee jar slipped from my fingers and bang, hit the floor, I never knew it contained that much coffee, it took me well over an hour to clean it all up, mind you the house had a lovely smell of coffee about it.

I did manage to finish one piece, I went modern, yes my friends I went modern, do not think I will stay modern but it was fun.

I had an old desk that was looking very tatty, so I took the top part off, made a new shelf, I painted it battleship grey and then a top coat of silver, I added a think sheet of silver to the top, drawers and shelf, quietly pleased with this, I have computer and bits to go on it, so hope to get it dressed today.

I do intend to get into my work room and finish what I have started.

my modern desk
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