Tuesday, 19 November 2013

I am making progress

Hi All

Well mum goes to the hospital tomorrow to get the results of her lung biopsy, we should know what they are going to do and what the prognosis is, I am praying hard for some good news.

Anyway lets talk about my project, I have done a lot more to the stable,I made some shelves for the tack room and added some bits to it, I was surprised when I opened my my box of stash I had collected for this project. I have so much, more than enough for the shop that is going to go along side the stable, there will be a surprise for you as well, I have an idea for the shop, it will specialise in something special, I just have to work out how to do it, I know I never make things easy for myself, but I love a challenge and buggar is this one going to be a challenge.

Well I have bored you enough, have a look at my photos and see what I have done


Wyrna Christensen said...

Very Lovely.

carmen said...

te deseo buenas noticias

Steinworks said...

it's going to be great you have everything you need :)