Sunday, 28 July 2013

Love this one

Hi All

thank you for your lovely comments about my Kopy Kat minis, it gives me pleasure to know that you not only read my blog, but like what I create.

Well I am carrying on with my Kopy Kat minis, the idea for this started when I was going through my stash of minis, ( I have loads) and I thought I had better start reducing my stash.
I wanted to do something different with them, so I looked Pinterest ( I love Pinterest, can spend hours on it) and I looked at everything I love and what I would love in my own home, and bingo! why not make it in miniature. I also decided that I did not want to buy anything and it all must be made from my stash. so it began.

This next one, I would dearly love to have in my own home but would not have the room, I made this one by using a old door I had, made the small table in front from card and wood,
the glass vase is a plastic straw cut to size, the sign is a printie put on wood, the watering cans, flowers and basket came from my stash.
I painted this in dark grey and then painted it over in pale grey, then gave it a lightly sanding. The chair came from my stash and I painted it to match the unit. I still need to do the large jug and flowers.

I  also took another photo of the green cabinet again, this time it came out green.
have a look

my mini

real life

better photo
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