Sunday, 21 July 2013

2nd mini Kopy Kat

Hi all

the weather has turned a bit cooler so I was able to stay in my work room a bit longer, we have been told that next week we will be very hot, up in the 30's, so glad I have brought another fan, think I may be needing it.
anyway enough of the nattering.

I completed another of my Kopy Kat projects, this time it was a little side table, I did not have a table so I used a small chest of drawers, it still turned out ok.
The lamp on the top was made using beads, it is non working, I made the books and the little chocolate bar, added a small cup and saucer, the only thing missing is the red basket under the table, I did not have anything like this, so it had to be left out.
Anyway I will let you see  what you think. oops just realised I missed of the glasses, will have to find some to put on the top.

what I copied
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