Thursday, 9 May 2013

I am having a new kitchen

Hi All

there are to be big changes to my kitchen, my friend who is a carpenter was taking an old kitchen out to replace with a new one, the old kitchen is made in oak, he asked what she would be doing with the old kitchen he was told it would be dumped, so he asked if he could have it.
my little bungalow and shed is now filled with all types of units, and it is being stated today, so my new kitchen will be very frugal, I have had to buy new work tops and a sink.

and the best bit, he is outing part of my old kitchen in my work room.
For a few days now I will be unable to do anything, so I am hoping to catch up on some reading, and sort out my selling page.

I will put on before and after pictures, so excited
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