Wednesday, 10 August 2011

no work done

good morning all
I have not been able to do any miniatures so far this week, my body decided to let me down, so I have stayed in bed for a few days, still I had my telly, my laptop and my son looking after me, sometimes my joints get so stiff it gives me a lot of pain and discomfort to move so bed is the only place to be, feeling better this morning so hopefully I will be able to do a little bit,
I cannot believe what is happening to my country, senseless violence and looting, when will it end, I am so glad I live in a small town and I know where my kids are, its a shame because not all youngster are the same, some are as horrified as we are, for those of you who are watching this from afar we are not all like what you are seeing, England is still a fantastic place and do not let what you see colour your views of us.
well rant over, time to get dressed and see what I can do today.
take care
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