Thursday, 17 February 2011

up date of work room

its been a while now since I have written so I thought I would update you on the progress of the refurbishment of my workroom, well I got it all cleared out, boxes everywhere for me to trip over, cannot find anything and guess what got to wait another couple of weeks as my friend has had to work on another project before he can get to mine,  still smiling, but I can't do anything as it is all packed away, so today went and brought some Aida material as I thought at least I can start making the mats, its so frustrating,
other news to tell you, I am going to America for 2 weeks in September to stay with my friend from School, we also done our nurse training together and I have not seen her for about 20 years, so excited about it, will be ticking of the days, 2 weeks of sun and so much to catch up on, we will be talking non stop.

Found a picture of a French shop that I did some time ago, this was sold to a lady in France, I made all the hats, bags and jewellery, I sprayed the furniture gold and added decorations, the hat stands are made from golf tees and beads, sprayed,  a lot of work went into this and I will admit I was reluctant to sell it, but I can't keep all my work would not have any room, hope you like it

This next lot of pictures is a church I made for my Aunt and uncle's 50th wedding anniversary,
it took me a long time, they were very surprised, I made all the furniture, clothing, flowers, cards and cross stitched the tiny church kneelers, the pictures around the church were members of my aunts family, her mum and dad plus brother and sisters, some of them had died but I wanted to seem like her family was present, she has it in pride of place in her house and everyone who sees it comments on it, the pictures really do not show it at its best but I am very proud of it,
the columns are cake stands sprayed grey, what do you think of it ?

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